Dog Park Progress

The 11-acre Simmonds Family Dog Park at Miami Whitewater Forest opened to the public on June 14, 2014. Fundraising for the capital project by the Great Parks Foundation was very successful, raising over $900,000. The dog park includes all planned amenities, including four shade shelters, a dog agility area, dog fountains and showers, a one-acre all season area, ample seating, and extensive landscape improvements.

Farbach-Werner Nature Preserve Nature Barn Improvements

Construction work is nearly complete on a new 748 square foot entry and restroom addition to the Nature Barn at Farbach-Werner Nature Preserve. The new restrooms will replace the existing facilities at the Nature Barn and the entrance to the barn is being relocated, creating a more user friendly entry experience. Site improvements have also been completed that will improve the connection between Nature’s Niche and the Nature Barn.

SWIF Grant

Great Parks received a Surface Water Improvement Fund (SWIF) grant from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. The grant is being used to fund improvements for managing rainwater runoff from the Winton Woods administration building, Winton Centre.

In September 2013 Great Parks staff and volunteers completed phase one construction, which includes rain gardens and a bio-swale around Winton Centre’s main parking lot and entry drive. Phase two, scheduled for spring 2014, will include installation of pervious pavers to replace some of the asphalt paving in parking areas. The bio-swale intercepts much of the rain water from the paved surfaces and roof, and treats the water through natural filters. Little Miami Scenic Trail

Little Miami Scenic Trail

Engineering and land acquisition is nearing completion in preparation for construction of an extension of the Little Miami Scenic Trail from Little Miami Golf Center to Beechmont Avenue. To accomplish this project Great Parks is partnering with Anderson Township, Anderson Township Park District, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, and the Ohio Department of Transportation.

Clean Ohio Conservation Program Projects

Great Parks has secured $1,406,000 during the last two rounds of the Clean Ohio Conservation Greenspace Preservation program. The Clean Ohio Greenspace Conservation Program helps fund preservation of open spaces, sensitive ecological areas, and stream corridors. Eligible projects can receive grants for up to 75 percent of the estimated costs. The funds are being used to help Great Parks purchase and restore property and restore riparian areas. Two parcels adjacent to Mitchell Memorial Forest totaling 15.6 acres have been purchased, and a 79 acre property adjacent to Oak Glen Nature Preserve has been purchased. Invasive plants will be removed at all sites. Also, three eroded areas along Dry Fork Creek at Miami Whitewater Forest are scheduled to be stabilized using bioengineering techniques.