Hit the Trails

Park visitors can enjoy cycling at the following paved, multi-use trails:

  • Armleder Park (1.9 miles)
  • Sharon Woods (2.6 miles)
  • Miami Whitewater Forest (7.8 miles)
  • Winton Woods (2.6 miles)

Little Miami Golf Center also has three connectors to the Little Miami Scenic Trail at the Golf Center, Bass Island and Avoca Trailhead.

Mountain Bike Trail

Mitchell Memorial Forest offers a fun and challenging 8-mile mountain bike trail.

Bicycle Rentals

Bikes can be rented at Winton Woods, Sharon Woods and Miami Whitewater Forest boathouses.

Group Rides

Great Parks' University of the Great Outdoors offers several opportunities for group rides:

  • Little Miami Scenic Bike Trial Series
  • Night Bike Rides at Miami Whitewater Forest
  • Dinner Bike Tour & Lunch Bike Ride on the Little Miami Scenic Trail

Check the Calendar of Events for specific dates, times and registration information.